Kirila Fire is the second most experienced aircraft fire training facility supplier in the United States.  Kirila Fire has a proven record of supplying functional systems that meet the specific requirements of each end user.

Kirila Fire has the ability to provide the required system equipment, software and system support through its experienced team and with its existing facilities

Kirila Fire is focused on working with our customers to provide design build services that meet their specific training facility needs. We understand the need to utilize different types of fuel (LPG, Jet Fuel, Tekflame™) for realistic training.  We have developed ignition and control system to allow for multiple fuel types within the same training space.

Kirila Fire provides complete turn-key upgrade and overhaul services for existing AFTF Facilities, including:
  • Ignition System Updates
  • Control system Upgrades
  • Mock-up Repair and Upgrade
  • New Mock-Up Construction
  • Burner Upgrades (multi-fuel)
  • Liner Repair and Replacement
  • Additional Burner Integration
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Software Upgrades (PLC/MMI)

FAA Aircraft Fire Training Facilities
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